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The Conservatoire de Vincennes is an establishment dependent on the City of Vincennes.

Located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Coeur de Ville building, it is currently headed by Jacques Amade.

The Conservatoire offers specialized arts education in the fields of music, dance and drama and has nearly 1,000 students.

The Academies enjoy all the space of the Conservatoire to provide courses and allow the personal work of students but also concerts and auditions at the end of course.

The academies offer a differentiated teaching, adapted to the project of each one.


Instrumental teachers provide one-to-one classes, to which group sessions can be added.

The program of works worked during the courses is free choice of students.


Students may attend all classes with the agreement of the concerned teacher.


Students who wish to access the conservatoire practicing studios can choose the "practicing studio" option (€ 100). A nominative studio will be allocated to them for a minimum of 5 hours per day (2 students maximum per studio between 9.00 am and 19.45 pm).

Students without a studio option can access the practice rooms from 9.00 am to 19.45 pmdepending on availability.


Accompanying pianists are available to students for 3 times 30 minutes (in one or several appointments), during or outside of class. The additional hour with pianist option allows for more rehearsal time if needed.

The course time is divided between the individual courses, the personal work, the listening of the courses of the other students and the follow-up of the possible options.

The course schedule is defined by each teacher at the beginning of the session, when the composition of the class is known.


The number of lesson hours depends on many parameters (number of students, prepared parts, needs and expectations of each), this is why it is not possible to give in advance the precise volume of class hours.

However we guarantee a minimum of 4 lessons during the session, teachers being free to provide more if they wish to.

The Academies are open to everyone, with no age or level limit.


Passionate musicians

Benefit from the advice of the greatest educators to prepare your competitions, to deepen your technique and your interpretation & to broaden your repertoire at the Academies.


Music lover and/or curious

Visiting student: listen, learn and understand. By applying, you can attend all the public courses and lessons taught by the various teachers, subject to their agreement.



Instrument courses and optional courses take place at the Conservatoire de Vincennes.


98 rue de Fontenay - 94300 Vincennes

Metro line 1 (Château de Vincennes)

RER A (Vincennes Station)


The Conservatory is located in the city center of Vincennes, near the metro and shops.

It has over 40 soundproofed rooms and studios as well as a 280-seat auditorium.

The conservatory is secured by reception agents.

It is open every day from 9.00 am to 19.45 pm. 

active participant

Instrument course 

800 € (per discipline)




- Lessons with the chosen teacher

- Possibility to attend other classes*


- Piano accompanists for non-pianists**


*with teachers' agreement

**fixed duration depending on instruments

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