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As an active participant, you benefit from the lessons of the greatest pedagogues to achieve your goals: improve your game, discover another pedagogy, discover and meet other teachers, prepare for a competition... but above all fully live your love of music.

You can complete your instrument lessons with one or more options.

active participant

800 € (by discipline)




- Classes with the chosen teacher


- The possibility of attending all classes*


- Accompanists for non-pianists**


* with the agreement of the teacher

** duration fixed according to the instruments

The Conservatory is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Coeur de Ville building, the architectural jewel of the Cultural Department of the City of Vincennes.

It is currently directed by the organist Jacques Amade.

During the year, the Vincennes Conservatory provides specialized artistic education in the fields of music, dance and drama and has nearly 1,000 students.


With a spectacular and modern  architecture, the building has 40 soundproofed and bright rooms, and offers an ideal setting for the courtyards of the academies. The building has a 280-seat auditorium with exceptional acoustics, where end-of-course concerts and auditions take place. More than 100 records have been recorded there.

The Academies offer a differentiated teaching, adapted to the project of each one.

Instrumental teachers provide individual lessons, to which may be added group sessions.

The program of works worked on during the internship is at the free choice of the interns.

Trainees can attend all classes, with the agreement of the teacher concerned.

All trainees can access the conservatory's work studios, subject to availability (please note, the conservatory is not expandable, capacity is limited). The "work studio with piano" option (120€) guarantees a minimum duration of 5 hours per day (2 trainees maximum per studio between 9 am and 6.45 pm).

Trainees without the "work studio with piano" option have access to the work rooms from 9 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. depending on availability and for a period adapted to the number of people.

Accompanying pianists are available to non-pianist trainees for 3 times 30 minutes (in one or more appointments), during or outside of class. The "additional hour with accompanist" option allows you to benefit from more rehearsal time if necessary.

Internship time is divided between individual lessons, personal work, listening to other students' lessons and monitoring any options.


The course schedule is defined by each teacher at the beginning of the session, when the composition of the class is known. The number of hours of lessons depends on the pedagogical functioning of each teacher and many parameters (common thematic lessons, number of students, pieces prepared, needs and expectations of each).

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