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Terms of Sales

Fountain Culture


Article 1: Definitions

In these general conditions of sale:

- the buyer of our courses and services is called "the client"

- the seller and organizer, the association Fontaine Culture, is called "FC"


Article 2: Duration of the offer
Internship offers on our site:

are governed by these conditions of sale. They are valid as long as they remain online and until the places available with the teachers and in the places of accommodation are exhausted. They may vary in real time. Also, we strive to update our offers as soon as we become aware of information concerning them.


Article 3: Price
The price of the services is expressed including VAT.
The prices communicated have been worked out according to the data known on the date of posting and publication of our brochures.
Prices do not include:
• transportation costs ;
• the insurance ;
• visas and the cost of completing administrative and health formalities;
• the drinks
• telephone communications;
• visits and excursions;
• paying activities;
• personal expenses.


Article 4: Exceptional price variation
As soon as your reservation is confirmed, the RML undertake not to modify its prices within a period of 30 days preceding the day of the start of your course.
Nevertheless, FC reserves the right to modify its prices upwards or downwards by informing the customer by letter RAR.
In such a case, FC will inform you of the price change. The customer can then cancel his order purely and simply and free of charge, provided that he notifies the cancellation in writing (letter LRAR) to the Fontaine Culture Association at least 30 clear days before the start of the course. If this deadline is not observed, cancellation costs will be retained, as provided for in article 7 below.


Article 5: Costs of delivery of liaison documents
Following the confirmation of the customer's order and depending on the date, the sending of the binding documents will be done by email or, failing that, by simple mail: 0 € (included in the service costs)


Article 6: Methods of payment
The following payment methods are accepted

a) Bank cards
Our site allows you to book directly and transmit your bank details to our service provider in charge of payment processing in a confidential and secure manner, when placing your order.
We accept the following payment cards:
• the blue card;
• Visa card;
• the Eurocard/Mastercard card.


b) Holiday vouchers
FC can exceptionally accept holiday vouchers, after agreement by email
We accept partial payment by holiday vouchers as well as full payment.
If you make a payment by holiday voucher for an amount greater than that of your course, be aware that we do not give change.


c) Bank check
FC may exceptionally accept payments by check, after agreement by email. Order: Fountain Culture


d) Bank transfer:
FC can exceptionally accept payments by bank transfer, after agreement by email. Any costs of the transfer are your responsibility. RIB on request.


e) In cash (euros only)
FC may exceptionally accept cash payments only if no other aforementioned method of payment is in your possession, after agreement by email.


7: Cancellation and refund conditions

Covid 19: exceptional cancellation conditions

a) In the event of cancellation of the Grand Paris Easter Academies by Fontaine Culture (Covid or any other major reason), the sums paid by the trainee will be fully reimbursed, in the absence of any other compensation.

b) In the event of unavailability of the teacher requested, the trainee may: either choose another teacher, or cancel his participation and obtain full reimbursement of the sums paid, in the absence of any other compensation.

c) In the event of cancellation by the client up to 60 days before the 1st day of the course, whatever the reason,

the sums paid by the trainee will be fully reimbursed, in the absence of any other compensation.


d) In the event of cancellation by the client up to 20 days before the first day of the course, for whatever reason, 60% of the sums paid by the trainee will be refunded.


e) In the event of cancellation from the 19th day before the 1st day of the course, no refund will be made.

Article 8: Absence of a right of withdrawal
In accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the consumer code, no right of withdrawal is possible for the services ordered on our site.


Article 9: Submission of liaison documents
In the event of erroneous transmission by the client of his contact details, FC declines all responsibility in the event of non-execution or poor execution of the internship due to the non-receipt of the binding documents.
The same applies when the customer does not collect the mail containing his documents from the post office or when he does not consult his e-mails.

FC verifies the correct sending of the documents but not their reception. If the customer does not receive them, it is up to him to let FC know.


Article 10: Administrative and health formalities
Only a valid national identity card or passport allows you to travel.
No other document can be used to travel, whether for an adult or a minor.

The customer who is a national of a foreign country must imperatively inquire before ordering with the competent authorities. Completion of these formalities and the resulting costs are the responsibility of the customer.

FC cannot  be held responsible for non-compliance with these obligations, particularly in the event that the client is refused authorization to join the course or is inflicted with the payment of a fine. FC cannot under any circumstances be charged the costs of fines and/or duties resulting from the customer's failure to comply with customs or health regulations.


Article 11: Internal regulations
The places of accommodation and courses offered by FC are subject to internal regulations which are given to the client on site or are sent to him on request. Acceptance of the general conditions of sale implies acceptance and compliance with the internal regulations.


Article 12: Cancellation insurance

FC does not offer cancellation insurance.
Some credit cards (Visa premier, Mastercard gold, etc.) include travel cancellation insurance, but we invite you to read the situations covered in the policy linked to your card. FC cannot be held responsible for a refusal to compensate the client following a cancellation or interruption of the course by the client.


Article 13: Interruption

In the event of interruption of the internship by the client, whatever the reason, no sum can be reimbursed by FC to the client.


Article 14: Protection of your personal data (CNIL)
The information and data concerning the customer are necessary for the management of his order and for his commercial management. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning him.
To do this, simply send a request by mail to:
Fountain Culture

21 rue de la Fontaine au Roi

75011 PARIS

by recalling the surname, first name and address of the customer concerned.

Our site is also designed to be particularly attentive to the needs of our customers. This is one of the reasons why we use cookies. The purpose of the cookie is to signal your visit to our site. Cookies are therefore only used with the aim of improving the personalized service intended for you.


Article 14: Applicable law
The Fontaine Culture association is declared on French territory to the Prefecture of Paris (75). The sales contract concluded between FC and the customer is governed by French law.

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