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To complete the instrument lessons, the optional lessons allow you to make your stay even more comfortable, to broaden your musical horizons or to develop other skills...

- Piano accompaniment- 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Sight reading- 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Piano-Lied - €140 or €395 (intensive)

- Harmonization on the keyboard- 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- improvisation- 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Practice studio: without piano - 100€ with piano - 120€


Pratice studio with or without piano

The work studio option guarantees you the availability of a work room with piano, to be shared with at maximum 1 other trainee. The work studio is assigned to you by name, giving you the possibility of working at least 5 hours a day.

For trainees without an option, the work rooms are accessible according to availability.

Piano accompaniment

The workshop is aimed at piano students who want a first approach to accompaniment tools or deepen their knowledge. Deciphering, reductions (choirs, quartets, etc.), transposition, harmony on the keyboard and the approach to accompaniment in ensemble work will be covered, to know how to guide, listen and quickly grasp a new score.

Sight reading

The workshop approaches the deciphering of musical texts through practical exercises and various situations. Harmonization and transposition work may also be proposed.


This workshop is intended for pianists, singers and piano-vocal duos. The work will focus on the technical realization in constant relation with the  knowledge and understanding of the text. Students deepen their interpretation, phrasing, diction, vocal-piano articulation, colors, stage presence...

Harmony on the keyboard

This workshop makes it possible to deepen inner listening through a pedagogy combining initiation to basso continuo, approach to improvisation, work on baroque "standards", transposition, didactic work...


Made up of small level groups, the workshop offers a role-play using all the tools available to express a musical and collective language. It is open to all those who wish to indulge in this playful and serious discipline at the same time.

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