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Passionate musician?

Whether you want to discover other teachers, prepare for a competition or simply live your love of music, your expectations will be ours.


As an active participant, you benefit from the advice of the greatest educators to achieve your goals


Music lover?

Instrumentalist or music lover, as a visiting student, you can attend the lessons of the chosen teacher and discover the pedagogies of other teachers with their agreement.


An exciting and lively experience to observe, listen, learn and understand.

All applications are online on the site.

Application are registered in order of arrival. There is no application deadline but application are subject to availability in the class of the chosen teacher (the maximum number of students being fixed by the teacher).

All applications are subject to validation by the teacher.


Payment of the deposit (230 €) is required upon application by credit card. Please contact us for any other mean of payment.

The settlement of the balance is called by email during August (it is also possible to pay the entire course upon application).

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